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The Best 1 Hour Dental Teeth Whitening in Hawthorne, NJ

Bright and sparkling teeth create beautiful smiles, and professional teeth-whitening treatment can create sparkling teeth! Hawthorne Dental Associates in Hawthorne, NJ, offers premier teeth-whitening systems that can be performed in one office visit. Teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic solution that can substantially improve the color of your teeth!

Teeth-Whitening Treatment
Teeth whitening is the process of restoring the surface color of your teeth by removing debris and stains.
Teeth can become stained because of:
• Age: Stains and discoloration intensify throughout the years.
• Eating habits: Red wine, tea, coffee and soda stain teeth and acidic foods erode enamel.
• Smoking: Cigarettes leave dark deposits on teeth.
 Grinding: Broken-down edges darken over time.
• Trauma: Cracked and injured teeth accumulate debris.

Easy-to-follow Steps
We recommend an office visit so that we can examine the condition of your teeth and develop a whitening plan that meets your aesthetic needs.

Treatment will vary based on the current shade of your teeth and the results that you want to achieve.

After a consultation, whitening teeth includes the steps of:
• Fitting the trays over your teeth.
• Filling transparent dental trays with whitening gel.
• Wearing the trays for the prescribed amount of time
  (overnight or during the day).

By following a recommended treatment plan, patients commonly achieve desired results.

Hawthorne Dental Patient Reviews: 
"Beautiful Teeth Whitening ....looks awesome, Dr gets it done!." Scott B. -Actual Patient 05/09/2011
"As always, a pleasant experience. Would recommend to anyone seeking out quality care and professional service." Louis M. -Actual Patient 05/11/2011

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