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Veneer Benefits in Hawthorne, NJ

There's nothing better than having a smile that you love to show off! A healthy, radiant smile is important because it's what you show the world. If you've been thinking about enhancing the look of your smile or have a dental problem that you’d like to correct, there's no better time than now.

Hawthorne Dental Associates is an expert cosmetic dental practice that specializes in dental veneers. This restorative treatment offers a variety of benefits that improves your confidence!

Why Dental Veneers
What are dental veneers and why do so many patients choose them? It's a great way to enhance your smile that doesn't require surgery or a number of appointments.

A veneer is simply a thin shell-like material made of porcelain or composite that will cover the damaged area of your tooth's front surface. The damaged portion will be removed before your permanent veneer is placed, which gives you a healthier smile.

Numerous Benefits
There are a variety of benefits that make veneers a fantastic option to improve your smile and oral health.

Benefits include:

• Resists stains
• Lasts with good oral hygiene
• Offers custom-made shades
• Enhances stained teeth to appear whiter
• Corrects a variety of
  dental health problems 

If you have teeth that are stained, chipped, or crooked, try veneers to instantly change the look of your smile! 

Call Hawthorne Dental Associates to learn about the benefits of veneers! We serve the communities of Hawthorne, Haledon, Glen Rock, Wyckoff, Midland Park, Fair Lawn, Paterson, Wayne, Paterson and Ridgewood, New Jersey.